Corey Graves Drags Fan In Response To Negative Video

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You can’t make everybody happy all of the time. Corey Graves and King Corbin realize that all too well, but since they’re heels it works out for them.

One fan uploaded a video where she chastised Baron Corbin and Corey Graves’ work on Friday Night SmackDown. She obviously didn’t appreciate the way they are being used and the method in which they perform their craft.

Graves didn’t seem to mind that, in fact, he considers this a big win as he replied back saying:

You’re a grown woman making internet videos in an empty bed next to a stuffed action figure. We [email protected] #Smackdown

This kind of response will probably only add more fuel to the fire to give Graves and Corbin another reason to turn it up a notch. So for that, we say thank you, @Kat_Woman13.

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