Daniel Cormier Says ‘The Ship Has Not Sailed’ On WWE

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Daniel Cormier is not done in the UFC just yet, but the door isn’t closed on WWE. He might not want to wrestle like his friend Cain Velasquez, but a spot could open up for him on the SmackDown announce team.

While speaking to Konnan’s Keeping It 100, Cormier explained that he wants to get into commentary. He’s even spoken to Triple H and Michael Cole about eventually coming in as he noted that “the ship has not sailed on that.”

“I’ve had a lot of conversations with a lot of people about different things with WWE. One was the studio show in LA (WWE Backstage). Another one was maybe trying to figure out a way to be on the commentary table. I’ve got some great relationships with FOX so I don’t necessarily know if it was WWE pushing it or FOX pushing it.”

“I’ve talked to Triple H and Michael Cole, I’ve talked to the people who run the shows down at FOX. I like to say the ship has not sailed. We still have to find something that works and the moment we find something that works, I’m all in.”

We’ll have to see if Daniel Cormier might find his way to WWE. He certainly didn’t seem to shut the idea down.

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