Jerry Lawler Reacts To Scammer Using His Name

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WWE Superstars and Hall Of Famers have a lot of dedicated fans. Sadly some people want to prey on those fans.

One scammer posing as Jerry Lawler recently slid into someone’s DMs and started to ask for something pretty shade. We’re not sure what the response was, but the pitch for this scam was riddled with mistakes and it is hard to believe that anyone would really fall for this.

I sent you a request for a purpose, I have been busy with shows and many more, traveling, thank you for all the support and love, I appreciate. I’m looking for someone i can definitely trust cause i have got some few things I need to do and take care of without my management knowing about it so i need one of my loyal fan to handle this for me.

This was brought to The King’s attention and he obviously didn’t appreciate this. After all, Jerry Lawler was just recently associated with a huge scam as his former podcasting cohost took fans for thousands of dollars.

The actual Jerry “The King” Lawler soon spoke up and said: “Right! @Jerrylawler122 is certainly NOT me.”

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