Charlotte Flair Claps Back At Critics Of Her Multiple Title Reigns

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Charlotte Flair is a 10 time Women’s Champion in WWE. This is a big deal and she is slowly catching up to her own father’s 16 title reigns.

A lot of fans have criticized Charlotte Flair for getting so many opportunities. She has worked very hard to to where she is and her father’s name really only got her in the door. Still, critics will say that Flair continues to use political influence to keep winning gold.

While speaking to Talk Sport, Charlotte Flair addressed people who have a problem with the number of title reigns that she has under her belt.

“My title wins in the last year have been bigger picture moments. Unfortunately, people don’t see that. I beat Asuka then Becky Lynch wins both titles. It’s a very loaded question. For me, when I get to play the villain, it’s tremendous to say so, I am a 10-time champion. It doesn’t matter if it was for five seconds.”

“I think good guys need to back up what they say and they need to be fighting champions. It just depends on what role I’m playing. I don’t think fans…looking at a storyline prescriptive or the deeper meaning to how things happen. Whether I get to use it as a bad guy or not, it just all depends.”

Charlotte Flair will continue on the red brand which means it could only be a matter of time before she is feuding with her old pal Becky Lynch once again. We’ll have to see what happens, but she is going to seize every opportunity in front of her whether the fans like it or not.

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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