Rikishi Discusses Jimmy Uso’s Recent DUI Arrest

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The Usos have not been brought back to WWE since just before SummerSlam. Jimmy Uso was arrested for DUI and it was not a pleasant situation.

Rikishi, father of the Usos recently spoke to Wrestling Inc where he was asked about his son’s recent arrest. It’s hard to hide anything in today’s media, but his boys have to “live and learn.”

“Today you can’t hide anything; you have to be careful with social media. It’s not just when you come to an arena as it’s in your personal life and there are camera phones all over the place. For me, I’m always cautious of things that I do and if it’s not the right thing, then you definitely don’t wanna do that.”

“With the boys, they are gonna live and learn. Nobody’s perfect, and I’m the first to say, but I’ve learned off my failures. If I did get in trouble, maybe had a few too many drinks and knew I wasn’t supposed to be behind the wheel, you can rest assure that I’m ready to pay the consequences. Sometimes you have to grow up.”

Both Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso have DUI arrest in recent years. This is not something we like reporting on, but it is a sad fact. Neither of the Usos were invited to SummerSlam due to the fact that Canada wouldn’t allow them entry.

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