Corey Graves’ voice is heard on WWE commentary every week. He also has his own official WWE podcast, but he didn’t sign up with Vince McMahon’s company to originally be a commentator. He wanted to wrestle, but concussions put a stop to that.

While appearing on WWE The Bump, Corey Graves was asked if he misses performing in the ring. He admitted that it was a difficult transition and he did want to be a part of the action at first. At this point, Graves is quite happy in his role with WWE, but the itch does still creep up from time to time.

“For a long time I had a hard time especially watching certain guys that I came up with. Like it’s amazing how fast our fandom moves and grows. A lot of people don’t realize that I ever wrestled. I was there in the first days of NXT and I came up with the guys in the Shield and Bray Wyatt and that whole crew — those were my colleagues, my contemporaries so for a while doing commentary when I would see those guys competing I got the itch from time to time, but now it’s been a couple years and I’ve grown into this new role and I’ve fully embraced it.”

“Not to say that every once and a while I don’t get the urge to get in the ring and roll around a little bit, but I think I’ve finally grown to accept and love what I’m doing in my role.”


Corey Graves likely won’t ever take a bump again for WWE, but that won’t keep him from being a big part of the company’s weekly television show. His voice can now be heard on FOX as a part of the two-man broadcast team with Michael Cole.

It’s great that Graves was able to accept his role in WWE, but he really doesn’t have much to complain about anyway.

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