Braun Strowman Issues Warning To Rude Fans

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WWE Superstars have to travel all over the world and they encounter all sorts of different people. Some fans are respectful, but others are a bit more demanding. Braun Strowman apparently just had an experience with someone from that second category of fans.

The Monster Among Men recently issued a warning to fans. If you see him in public, don’t scream his name. This is a way to guarantee that he won’t snap a selfie with you.

Yelling my name at the top of your lungs while I’m trying to get through the airport is a guaranteed way for you not to get a picture [email protected]@#in# th me!!!! #HaveSomeClassYoure

Those blatant misspellings at the end of his tweet really seem to illustrate just how annoyed he was at this situation. If you ever meet a pro wrestler in public be nice to them, respectful, and ask for a selfie nicely. Don’t demand anything of them, especially if you’re screaming across the airport.

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