AJ Styles Reportedly ‘Spoke Up’ During Backstage Meeting Before WWE RAW

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Seth Rollins says that he did not speak up during the meeting before RAW last night, but who did?

Wrestle Votes confirms that Seth Rollins did not speak up during the meeting last night. This was apparent since Seth Rollins buried Dave Meltzer for saying that he spoke up at all.

It is also reported that one person who did talk was AJ Styles. The Phenomenal One is “well respected” and his opinion matters backstage.

This Dave Meltzer / Seth Rollins stuff is funny. Dave reporting Rollins spoke at the Talent Meeting held prior to RAW yesterday. He didn’t.

However, AJ Styles did. He spoke up & shared his thoughts according to a source. AJ is very well respected backstage so his voice matters.

WWE needed to address the Saudi Arabian issues. They have secured two shows a year until 2027 in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have also reportedly paid WWE for their shows in 2020.

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