WWE Botches NXT Superstar’s Name In A Big Way

WWE Friday Night SmackDown was a big night for NXT. They stepped up and really put on a great show in spite of virtually no roster being available from WWE.

Tegan Nox and Rhea Ripley were excited to make their main roster debuts. Apparently, someone in the truck might have needed an update about how these Superstars spell their names.

When Nox came out her nameplate said: “Tegan Knox.” Nope, that was a big swing and a miss.

It’s understandable that WWE would be crunched for time. The NXT Superstars didn’t even arrive until after the show started last night and a police escort was needed to get them there as quickly as they did arrive.

They might have botched her name, but Tegan Nox was still able to pull down the win alongside Rhea Ripley.