Bayley Threatens To Kick Fans Out Of Future WWE Events

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Bayley is a heel now and she’s living it up. She murdered her Bayley Buddies and that is in the past. She doesn’t want people reminding her of those things either.

One fan got the brilliant idea to dress up like a Bayley Buddy for SmackDown this week. The sign this fan held that said: “Don’t Hurt Me” was a nice touch.

Bayley saw this fan and she did not appreciate it one bit. In fact, she threatened to kick out any fans in the future who dress up like her deceased tubemen friends.

I will now have security escort out anyone dressed in those idiotic costumes

This is very interesting especially considering the fact that WWE is currently a selling t-shirt with murdered Bayley Buddies all over it. Either way, don’t dress like a tubeman around Bayley because we all saw what she did to them the last time she was given the chance and a sharp stick.

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