Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of WWE Crown Jewel on All Hallows Eve!

WWE returns to Saudi Arabia – although you won’t hear that from the company – for another major PPV. Although, to be fair, this is the first Saudi show that actually is a PPV and not just a weird stop-gap. Like all other middle-east shows, the card is stacked, so let’s get down to it.

It’s hard to predict what the main event will be today, but chances are it will be Cain Velasquez Vs. Brock Lesnar. This huge match for the WWE Championship is an odd one; the fans haven’t really taken to Cain, and it’s hard to know if the match will get really hook fans. It’s hard to imagine Velasquez winning, but it’s equally hard imagining him lose. So this one will be fascinating regardless, even if it’s a disaster.

And speaking of disasters, Seth Rollins faces The Fiend in a Falls Count Anywhere match, with the Universal Championship on the line. Last month these two square-off in an overbooked Hell In A Cell match that, as is stands, is probably the worst WWE match of the year. Today WWE can make amends by having Wyatt brutalise Rollins and take the title, but that’s not likely to happen as that would leave Raw with no title. And having The Fiend lose to Rollins would kill all momentum and have Wyatt back where he’s been for four years. Talk about booking yourself into a corner.

The other marquee match today is the headline match between Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman. These two giants do not like one and other, and they will face-off today in a big to see who is the bigger bad ass, quite literally. Truth be told, wresting fans don’t like these kind of matches because Fury is likely to win, thus ruining the credibility of Strowman. But hey, who knows, maybe it will be fun regardless.

The other matches announced for Crown Jewel are Lacey Evans Vs. Natalya in the first-ever woman’s match in Saudi Arabia, Team Flair Vs. Team Hogan, Cesaro Vs. Mansoor, and a 20-man Battle Royal with the winner facing AJ Styles for the United States Championship. So it’s a stacked card and it starts with the Kick-Off Show at 12 PM EST. You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter, download the Ringside News app, or just stay right here to follow along. Enjoy the show!


The panel joins us live from Stamford Connecticut, and it consists of Charly Caruso, Booker T, David Otunga, and Scott Stanford. The panel run down the entire Crown Jewel card.

Byron Saxton is joined backstage by Hall of Famer, Ric Flair. Byron asks Flair about the match tonight and he calls Hogan his “lifetime nemesis”. He rhymes off his team and says they’re all future Hall of Famers, so he can guarantee victory. And after they put on the show of a lifetime for Saudi Arabia, they will jet-fly back to the States and brag that Flair beat Hogan. The Nature Boy gets all riled-up and ranting before walking off.

Back with the panel and they’re laughing at Flair’s antics. Scott asks Booker T if he prefers Flair’s ruthless team to Hogan’s more measured one, and T says yes. He cites Drew McIntyre as a difference maker, and says tonight is about making your opponents beg for mercy. Otunga wants to address the elephant in the room; Rusev and his drama with Lana. Scott Stanford asks how Rusev will be able to prioritise the match when Lashley is in the same ring. They say it will be difficult and Booker says a hot woman can make you crazy.

We see a video package for the Tyson Fury/Braun Strowman feud. The panel discuss whether or not Fury is naive to think he can wrestle with Braun. They point-out the sizeable weight difference between the two and say Fury is underestimating the strength of Strowman.

There’s a video from the last Crown Jewel event, in which Mansoor won the largest Battle Royal in WWE history. Tonight Mansoor goes one-on-one with Cesaro and the panel say the kid is out of his depth today. They say Cesaro is one of the best on the WWE roster and he’s underrated, which says a lot about him.

20-Man Battle Royal

The Winner Gets A United States Championship Match

The multi-man match gets underway and everyone tries to throw each other over the ropes. Andrade, Erick Rowan, R-Truth, and Buddy Murphy are the ones to watch, given they are the only ones who got entrances, but Humberto Carrillo is also in there.

Erick Rowan headbutts Heath Slater in the corner. Drake Maverick tries to lift Rowan, but gets military pressed over the ropes and to the floor. Drake Maverick Eliminated.

A gang of Superstars attempt to throw Erick Rowan out but he fights them all off and tosses Heath Slater out. Heath Slater Eliminated. Tony Nese tries to knock Rowan from the apron to the floor but the big man lifts him by the throat over and to the floor. Tony Nese Eliminated. Luke Harper then tosses both Brian Kendrick and Eric Young out. Brian Kendrick Eliminated. Eric Young Eliminated.

Samir Singh is at ringside, not competing, but he has his 24/7 Championship on hand watching his brother. Titus O’Neil clotheslines Mojo Rawley over the ropes and out. Mojo Rawley Eliminated. Andrade struggles with Sin Cara against the ropes, then flips him over. Sin Cara Eliminated. Titus O’Neil tries to toss Apollo Crews out but the tables turn and it’s Titus who goes flying out! Titus O’Neil Eliminated.

We get a split-screen commercial for Crown Jewel, during which time nobody was eliminated. Harper and Rowan come face-to-face in the centre of the ring and tease fighting, but No Way Jose gets between them and tries to encourage a dance. Rowan starts doing a little John Travolta but then hits a discus clothesline and tosses him out. No Way Jose Eliminated.

Rowan and Harper argue but then Akira Tozawa slaps the back of Rowan and yells at him. Rowan lifts Tozawa and sets him on the top rope, where Harper superkicks him off. Akira Tozawa Eliminated. We see AJ Styles watching on a monitor backstage. Shelton Benjamin puts Humberto Carrillo against the ropes and runs at him, only to be suckered over the ropes. Shelton Benjamin Eliminated.

Apollo Crews runs at Luke Harper and gets flipped over the ropes to the floor. Apollo Crews Eliminated. Harper and Rowan have eliminated half of the match. Rowan looks to Iron Claw Buddy Murphy on the apron but the Aussie knees him the head, then climbs the ropes but gets kicked off and hits the barricade. Buddy Murphy Eliminated. Meanwhile, R-Truth is tossed over and out by Andrade. R-Truth Eliminated.

As Andrade celebrates the elimination, he gets thrown over and out by Carrillo. Andrade Eliminated. For his troubles, Carrillo gets the Iron Claw Chokeslam from Erick Rowan. Sunil Singh is tossed over and out by Cedric Alexander. Sunil Singh Eliminated. We’re down to four and Rowan attacks Alexander from behind, while Harper attacks Carrillo. The big men double-team the babyfaces, while the fans chant for Harper. Alexander is clocked with a big boot from Rowan and tossed out. Cedric Alexander Eliminated.

The Singh Brothers are leaving together but R-Truth comes out from under the ring and rolls-up Samir for the win. R-Truth is the 24/7 Champion. Truth is chased to the back by jobbers, meanwhile we’re down to three in the ring. Carrillo dropkicks Harper into Rowan, but then the big men double-team him. Harper tries to throw-out Carrillo but Rowan tosses him out instead! Luke Harper Eliminated. Just as soon as Rowan turns on his brother, Carrillo slides under Rowan’s legs and forces him out!

Winner: Humberto Carrillo

Humberto Carrillo has won the right to face AJ Styles for the United States Championship later tonight.

The Kick-Off panel talk about the historic women’s match tonight between Natalya and Lacey Evans, saying how important it is for women everywhere.

Byron Saxton interviews Kofi Kingston and Big E backstage and asks how they handle the injury to Xavier Woods. Big E says Woods was cut-down in his prime but he told him not to cry. Kofi says they’ve faced adversity in recent weeks but tonight they’re going to become the best tag team in the world, then take the momentum to SmackDown tomorrow and become the 7X Tag Team Champions!

We see Heavy Machinery backstage and Otis says he’s hungry for the cup. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler are then shown backstage and they say they’re already the best looking and the best athletes, but tonight they add the title of best in the world.

The panel run down the card again before taking a look at the feud between “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins. Scott asks how does Seth Rollins have the mental capacity to face The Fiend tonight when he can’t be kept down? Booker T says you can’t prepare for a match like this, and he predicts a win for The Fiend. Otunga says The Fiend brings out the worst in Seth Rollins and he’s nervous for him. And that’s the end of the Kick-Off Show!

Crown Jewel opens with a firework display and out comes The Beast, the WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar. Heyman and Lesnar make their way to the ring, followed by Rey Mysterio and, making his WWE debut, Cain Velasquez.

WWE Championship Match

(C) Brock Lesnar W/Paul Heyman Vs. Cain Velasquez W/Rey Mysterio

The match gets underway and both men circle each other and Cain swings a leg kick. They exchange shots with Cain looking better, but Brock shoots for a takedown and forces Velasquez to the corner. They struggle against the turnbuckles, similar to the octagon, before breaking apart.

Cain swings more kicks and Brock largely shrugs them off. Cain throws a kick but Brock clinches and forces him to the ropes again. Velasquez kicks Brock in the gut and he stumbles, then Cain follows-up with a head-kick that floors Brock. Velasquez runs and dives onto Cain and looks to ground-and-pound him but Brock locks-in a Kimura and Cain taps!

Winner: Brock Lesnar

After the bell, Brock refuses to let go of the Kimura. He wrenches it in and Cain struggles, but then Rey Mysterio runs in and hits Brock with a chair in the back. Brock jumps up and throws Rey over the ropes to the floor. Lesnar then lifts a steel chair and batters Cain with it over and over before hitting an F5 on the chair. Mysterio runs in again with a chair and swings wildly at Brock, including hitting him in the face. Rey beats on Brock as he lies on the mat until Lesnar rolls out. Brock retreats with Heyman holding the title.

It’s time for tag team turmoil. This match is to determine the best tag team in the world. Two teams start and, when one is eliminated, another team enters. The final team left will be awarded the trophy and the title.

Tag Team Turmoil Match

Dolph ziggler & robert roode vs. Lucha House Party

Ziggler starts the match against Lince Dorado and forces him to the corner. Dorado fights out and flips over Dolph, slides between his legs, and hits a hurricanrana. Ziggler elbows Dorado, then drops him with a dropkick before tagging Roode.

Robert aims to slow things down but Dorado connects with a stunner and tags Gran Metalik. They hit Roode with double-team splashes, and score a two-count. Dorado tags back in but Roode whips him to the corner before hitting a backbreaker. Ziggler tags in and hits a Fameasser for near-fall on Dorado.

Dolph applies a headlock on the mat. Dorado struggles up but Dolph drops him and tags Roode, who hits a neckbreaker. Dolph tags back in and punches Dorado in the corner before lifting him to the top rope. Dorado punches Dolph off and hits a crossbody to create an opening.

Tags made to Roode and Metalik, with the latter leaping over the former and flipping around the ring before hitting a headscissors and a springboard missile dropkick for a near-fall with Dolph breaking it up. Dorado sends Dolph to the outside with a hurricanrana, but then Roode shoves him to the floor and Ziggler superkicks him. Roode distracts the referee while Ziggler his a superkick. Roode hits the Glorious DDT for the win.

Lucha House Party Eliminated

Ryder & Hawkins Enter

Hawkins and Ryder run down to the ring and start brawling with Ziggler and Roode right away. They hit a Rough Ryder to Ziggler, then hit their tag team finish to Roode…but Ziggler breaks the pinfall. They send Hawkins from the ring and hit Ryder with a spinebuster/Zig-Zag combo for the win.

Ryder & Hawkins Eliminated

And just like that, Hawkins and Ryder are done. No sooner are they out of the ring, when the next tag team enters the fray…

Heavy Machinery Enter

Tucker runs into the ring and goes to it with Ziggler. They try to out-wrestle each other, with Tucker getting the better of Dolph. Knight catapults Dolph into the turnbuckles, then takes him down a springboard crossbody. Knight runs for a splash in the corner but Roode pulls Dolph out of the way to save him, then tags in.

Roode chops Knight in the corner and punches him down. Roode with a dropkick before tagging Dolph. The Show-Off hits an elbow drop to Knight before applying a submission. Tucker fights to his feet and looks to tag Otis but gets forced to the opposite corner and Roode tags in.

Robert Roode throws Knight from the ring, then goes out after and chops him in the chest against the barricade. Back in the ring, Ziggler tags in and kicks Knight down. Tucker fights back but again Dolph drops him and tags Roode. Knight dodges a splash from Ziggler, then hits a lariat to Roode and tags Otis!

Otis comes in and tackles Roode and splashes Ziggler. A flapjack from Otis to Dolph then Roode kicks him but he dances it off. Otis hits an overhead suplex to Roode, then splashes both him and Dolph in the corner. Otis looks for the caterpillar but Ziggler pulls Roode from the ring. Tucker hits the heels on the outside, then Otis yanks Roode back inside. Otis catches Roode and tags Otis, they hit the Compactor and score a pinfall.

Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode Eliminated

The New Day Enter

Big E joins the match against Otis and gets shoulder tackled but Big E only almost falls to his back, instead doing something of a very impressive limbo. Knight then reverses Big E and kips-up to show his own agility. They hit each other at the same time and make tags to Otis and Kofi.

Kofi hits a springboard chop to Otis, then kicks him a few time. He leaps at Otis but gets caught and body slammed. Otis splashes Kofi in the corner, then hits the Caterpillar for a near-fall. Otis catapults Kofi into Tucker but Kingston counters with a DDT. Kofi hits Trouble In Paradise to Otis and it knocks him from the ring.

Big E tags in but Tucker hits an arm-trap belly-to-belly for a two-count. Knight climbs the ropes and looks for a crossbody but Big E dodges it and tags Kofi. They hit UpUpDownDown for the win.

Heavy Machinery Eliminated

The B-Team Enter

Curtis Axel enters the match against Big E and takes a headlock but he’s shot off into the turnbuckles. Axel hits a clothesline to Big E and unloads ground and pound. Bo Dallas tags in and drops a knee on Big E.

Dallas takes a headlock on Big E. The big man tries to fight out but gets forced to the corner and a tag is made to Axel. Big E fights back and knocks Dallas from the ring. Kofi dives onto Dallas at ringside, meanwhile Big E hits Axel with the Big Ending for the pinfall.

The B-Team Eliminated

The Revival Enter

These two will face-off tomorrow night on SmackDown for the Tag Team Championships. Scott Dawson starts with Kofi and beats him into the corner where he tags Wilder.

Dash beats Kofi into the corner and hits a monkey flip but Kofi lands on his feet. Kofi hits a dropkick, then Dawson runs in and he eats one too. Kofi tries to leapfrog Dash but gets caught with a powerslam for a two-count. Dawson tags in again and he drops an elbow on Kofi for a two-count.

Dash tags in and they hit an assisted leg drop on Kingston. Dash applies a submission but Kofi fights out and hits S.O.S. Dawson tags in and prevents the tag to Big E. Kofi counters Dawson with a springboard dropkick. Dash knocks Big E from the apron. Dawson continues the beatdown on Kofi but, out of nowhere, gets rolled-up and loses!

The Revival Eliminated

After the surprise loss, The Revival get angry. They slam Big E into the steel steps at ringside, then hit Kofi with the Shatter Machine. The Revival leave The New Day in bad shape for the second to last team.

The O.C. Enter

Gallows and Anderson run down and look to hit the Magic Killer to Kofi but he kicks them off and knocks Gallows from the ring. Kofi hits Anderson with a double stomp.

Kofi looks to make the tag to Big E but Gallows pulls him from the apron and hits a big boot. Anderson hits Kofi with a running kick, then he and Gallows hit a double-team neckbreaker for the pinfall.

The New Day Eliminated

The final team, the Raw Tag Team Champions, The Viking Raiders enter the match.

The Viking Raiders

Gallows, Anderson, Erik, & Ivar come to blows in the middle of the ring. Erik hits Anderson with a slam, then looks for a splash in the corner but nobody’s home. Gallows throws Erik to the apron, where Anderson attacks his leg. Gallows kicks Erik from the apron to the floor.

Gallows tosses Erik back into the ring and hits a snap suplex for a two-count. Gallows applies a rear chinlock to Erik but the Viking fights out and hits a right hand that drops Luke.

Tags are made to Ivar and Anderson, with the former bowling over the latter. Ivar hits a backbreaker and a crossbody. Gallows comes in and Ivar tees-off on him, followed by a senton. He carthweels past Anderson and drops him, then he and Erik hit the double-team body slam to Karl. Erik looks for the deadlift gutwrench suplex but Gallows pulls Ivar from the apron.

Gallows and Anderson double-team Erik with a neckbreaker for a near-fall. They look for the Magic Killer but Ivar takes Anderson out. Gallows kicks Ivar from the ring, Anderson hits a chop-block to Erik, and they hit the Magic Killer for the win!

Winners: The O.C.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are, officially, the best tag team in the world.

We see replays of Brock Lesnar Vs. Cain Velasquez and the post-match scuffle.

Byron Saxton is backstage with Rey Mysterio and he asks him what message he was sending to Brock Lesnar. Rey says props to Brock for surviving Cain, but Lesnar will pay for what he has done to him and his son. And that’s a spoiler alert.

Cesaro Vs. Mansoor

As the match gets underway, the stadium is rocking for Mansoor. Cesaro slaps his chest, then forces him to the corner and slaps him. Mansoor shoves Cesaro but then the Swiss Superman takes a wristlock. Mansoor counters with his athleticism and hits an arm-drag to Cesaro.

Cesaro takes a headlock but gets shot into the ropes and drops Mansoor with a shoulder. Mansoor hits Cesaro with a rolling wheelbarrow, followed by a moonsault. Mansoor takes an armlock but Cesaro forces him to the ropes and punches his gut. A dropkick from Mansoor sends Cesaro from the ring, then follows-up with a kick through the ropes.

Mansoor looks for a suicide dive but gets clobbered with a European uppercut in mid-air! Cesaro tosses Mansoor into the barricade, then into the ring. Cesaro connects with a double axe handle for a two-count, then takes a headlock. Mansoor fights out but gets dropped with a European uppercut. Mansoor looks to apply a sleeper but gets hit with a back suplex.

Cesaro takes to the top rope and leaps but gets caught with a dropkick. Mansoor chops Cesaro and hits an enziguiri. Headscissors from Mansoor sends Cesaro to the outside, then he follows-up with a flip over the ropes to the floor. Mansoor sends Cesaro back into the ring and hits a crossbody for a near-fall.

Mansoor hits a rope-assisted tornado DDT for a near-fall. Cesaro distracts the referee and chops the throat of Mansoor but it only results in a two-count. Mansoor hits a leaping neckbreaker from the apron to the ring but Cesaro puts his foot on the bottom rope. Mansoor scales the ropes but Cesaro shoves his feet and he crashses. Cesaro hist a gutwrench suplex from the middle rope for a near-fall.

Cesaro looks for the Neutralizer but Mansoor coutners with a jackknife pin for a two-count. Cesaro hits a flapjack European uppercut, then applies a crossface. Mansoor rolls backwards, forcing Cesaro to release the hold. Mansoor connects with a superkick for a near-fall. Mansoor scales the ropes again but Cesaro attacks him with rapid forearms. Cesaro uppercuts Mansoor on the top rope, then looks for the gutwrench again but Mansoor counters with a powerbomb! Mansoor climbs the ropes and hits a big moonsault for the win!

Winner: Mansoor

After the match, Mansoor is interviewed in the ring. He’s asked what the victory means to him and Mansoor says that, when he woke up that morning, he looked in the mirror and said this was his most important match. He says he was scared and he was nervous but when he stepped in the ring in front of the fans and his family, he remembered that anything was possible. He says he can’t wait to see what they do next, then he speaks in Arabic.

The WWE Universal Champion, Seth Rollins, is interviewed backstage. Byron Saxton asks if tonight will be the end of the rivalry between Seth and The Fiend. The fans boo as Rollins speaks. He says tonight will be the end. From Hell In A Cell to burning down the Fun House, The Fiend has brought out the worst in him but… a part of him has enjoyed it. No matter what happens tonight though, he didn’t start this fight. Bray brought the fight to his door but he’s not afraid to finish it. And he will walk out tonight as the Universal Champion.

Tyson Fury Vs. Braun Strowman

The bell rings for this match and they lock-up but immediately break apart. They lock-up again and Braun forces Fury to the corner and slaps his chest. Braun and Fury walk around before locking-up again but this time Braun forces him to the ropes and swings a few punches but Tyson dodges them.

Fury gets knocked down but kips-up and takes a headlock. Strowman shoves him off and connects with a big boot. Braun hits a big forearm to the chest of Tyson, then drops him with a headbutt. Braun beats Tyson into the corner and looks to deliver a running shoulder but Fury dodges and Strowman hits the ring post.

Fury prevents Braun from getting back in the ring by kicking him. Tyson climbs out but Braun slams him into the barricade. Strowman runs around the ring but Fury jumps and kicks him in the chest. Back in the ring, Strowman looks for the Running Powerslam but Fury slides off and hits him with a drop toe-hold into the middle rope. Fury hits a big boot and gets a near-fall.

Strowman drives Tyson into the corner, then drops him with a forearm to the chest. Fury sits-up like The Undertaker but Braun kicks him back down. Strowman runs but gets hit with a big boot. Fury runs and jumps at Braun but gets hit with a body slam. Fury rolls from the ring and Braun chases by running around the ring and this time connecting with the shoulder tackle. Braun does it again and roars.

Strowman tosses Fury back into the ring but when he gets on the apron Tyson connects with a huge right hand. Strowman looks out cold on the floor as the referee counts. At four, Braun stirs and stumbles but he can’t get back into the ring for 10.

Winner: Tyson Fury

After the match, Strowman gets into the ring and hits the running powerslam to Fury. Strowman rips his shirt off and screams at Fury. Braun leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, by which time Fury is back-up and ripping his shirt off.

We see the jobbers running around backstage, looking for R-Truth. He comes out of a random door only to be confronted by Sunil and Samir Singh. Truth turns and runs but slams into the door and falls onto his back. Samir pins him. Samir Singh is the 24/7 Champion.

AJ Styles makes his entrance, flanked by the best tag team in the world, Gallows and Anderson.

United States Championship Match

(C) AJ Styles W/Gallows & Anderson Vs. Humberto Carrillo

The match begins and AJ attacks Carrillo in the corner right away. Styles beats him down and keeps him there while telling the fans to shut up. Carrillo comes back with a springboard arm drag, followed by a dropkick, and another arm-drag.

Styles leaves the ring and Humberto chases, AJ slides back in and catches Carrillo with Ushigoroshi. Styles takes a headlock but Carrillo fights out. AJ drops Humberto with a backbreaker for a near-fall. Styles crotch chops the fans, then goes back to the headlock on Carrillo.

Humberto fights out and looks for the springboard arm-drag again but this time AJ counters him. AJ hits a brainbuster on Carrillo for a near-fall. Carrillo fights out of another headlock and connects with a jawbreaker, followed by a handspring rolling arm-drag. Springboard crossbody from Carrillo scores another near-fall.

AJ throws Carrillo to the apron then catches him in mid-air, looking for Ushigoroshi again but this time Carrillo lands on his feet and hits an enziguiri. Styles fires back with a Pele kick and both men are down. Carrillo rolls to the apron and AJ joins him there. Styles looks for a brainbuster but Carrillo kicks AJ back, slaps him, and climbs to the top rope where he dropkicks AJ to the floor.

Carrillo hits a flying twisting moonsault to AJ on the floor. Back in the ring, they exchange pinfall attempts until Styles gets angry and unleashes a flurry of strikes for a near-fall. Humberto seemingly hurt his knee countering AJ, and Styles targets it right away. Styles locks-in the Calf Crusher, the move Carrillo tapped to on Monday, but this time he reaches the bottom rope.

Carrillo connects with an enziguiri, then takes to the top rope for a moonsault but nobody’s home and his leg is hurting. Humberto flips AJ onto the apron where Styles forearms him back, then hits the Phenomenal Forearm and scores the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

Byron Saxton is backstage with Hulk Hogan. The Hulkster calls Saxton “Beautiful Byron” and says tonight they make history. He will put Ric Flair’s flapping gums to rest once and for all. His team will have their hands raised tonight and they’re ready to take-out Team Flair. So what you gonna do Team Flair, when Team Hogan runs wild on you?

Natalya makes her entrance in Saudi Arabia wearing a pink Hart t-shirt as well as head-to-toe gear. She is the first female in the ring in Saudi Arabia, followed by her opponent, Lacey Evans, wearing a red t-shirt and head-to-toe gear.

Natalya Vs. Lacey Evans

The bell rings and the two women shake hands. They lock-up and Evans takes a headlock. Nattie shoots her off but gets dropped with a shoulder. Natalya hits an arm drag and they circle each other before locking-up again. Evans uses her athleticism to counter Natalya but then Nattie rolls her up for a near-fall.

Evans rolls-up Natalya for a near-fall and the fans chant “this is awesome”. Evans with a headlock takeover, but Natalya bridges out and reverses the move. Natalya flips out of a legscissors, then looks for the Sharpshooter but Evans kicks her away. Natalya tosses Lacey to the outside and attempts to come out after her but Lacey swipes her feet on the apron. Evans hits a rope-assisted wrecking-ball dropkick to Natalya for a two-count.

Lacey is thrown to the apron again and this time she kicks Natalya in the chest, then swipes her foot out from under her. Evans applies a modified chicken wing before dropping a knee to Nattie’s arm. Evans whips Natalya to the corner but gets hit with a rope-assisted atomic drop. Evans counters the Sharpshooter with a roll-up, then hits Natalya with a suplex.

Lacey heads up top and hits a springboard moonsault but Nayalya kicks out. Natalya hits Evans with the discus lariat, then locks-in the Sharpshooter and Evans reaches for the ropes but Nattie drags her back and she taps!

Winner: Natalya

After the match, Natalya helps Lacey Evans to her feet and they pose together as fireworks go off. Both women cry as they hug in the middle of the ring.

Ric Flair comes to the ring, followed by his team: Bobby Lashley, Shinsuke Nakamura, Drew McIntyre, King Corbin, and Captain Randy Orton.

Hulk Hogan is out next followed by his team: Ricochet, Rusev, Shorty G, Mustafa Ali, and Captain Roman Reigns.

Team Hogan Vs Team Flair

We start the match with Shorty G and Shinsuke Nakamura. Shorty lifts Nakamura and slams him down by the waist. Shorty looks for an ankle lock but Nakamura kicks him off, only to be lifted and slammed again. Nakamura drops Shorty and tags Corbin.

The King comes in and whips Shorty to the ropes, where Mustafa Ali tags in. Corbin whips Ali to the corner but the former cop punches him back and hits a rolling X-Factor through the ropes. Lashley tags in and Ali demands the tag. Rusev makes for Lashley but Bobby made the tag to Drew McIntyre.

Drew kicks Rusev in the gut and tees off on him. Rusev counters an irish whip by tossing Drew into the corner and splashing him. McIntyre whips Rusev but this time he connects with a spin kick to the Scotsman. Ali tags in again and Drew floors him with a huge chop. King Corbin tags in and looks to hit snake eyes to Ali but Mustafa slides down. Ali ends-up on the apron and climbs to the middle rope, where Corbin shoves him off and he crashes into the barricade!

Tag made to Lashley as Ali is back in the ring. Lashley hits a sidewalk slam for a two-count. Rusev comes in again but the referee forces him out. Lashley slams Ali again, then tosses him from the ring and poses in front of Rusev. Lashley tags Nakamura, who brings Ali back into the ring and slams him into the corner for Bad Vibrations.

Nakamura hits the running, sliding German suplex to Ali for a near-fall. McIntyre is legal again and he chops Ali in the corner. Ali counters a back suplex and hits a tornado DDT to create an opening. A tag is made to Ricochet and he comes in fast against Drew with a headscissors takedown. Ricochet kicks Nakamura at ringside, followed by a springboard clothesline to Drew and a springboard moonsault for a two-count.

Corbin prevents Ricochet from hitting another springboard, while McIntyre hits the inverted Alabama slam. McIntyre tags Orton, who gets a big reaction, and comes in with the Orton Stomp to Ricochet. Randy continues the methodical beatdown of Ricochet, before tagging King Corbin. Ricochet is grounded with a headlock. He fights up but Corbin hits the out-and-in clothesline to Ricochet, as well as knocking half of Team Hogan from the apron.

Flair struts at ringside and mocks Hogan, meanwhile Drew McIntyre tags in and hits a deadlift suplex to Ricochet. Lashley tags in and knocks more members of Team Hogan from the apron. Orton is tagged and he looks to stop Ricochet from making the tag but gets hit with an enziguiri. Roman Reigns and King Corbin are tagged and the big dog comes in hot as all hell with flying clothesline to every member of Team Flair, clearing the ring.

Reigns leaves the ring and hits Drive-By Kicks to Orton and Nakamura. Corbin pulls Reigns by the hair into the ring but he eats ten lariats in the corner and a big boot for his trouble. Roman hits a Hogan leg drop, then Orton makes a blind tag as Reigns knocks Corbin from the ring. Randy looks for the RKO but Reigns counters with the Superman Punch!

All hell breaks loose as Corbin Chokeslams Ali, Shorty G applies the ankle lock to Corbin, Nakamura takes him out with Kinshasha, then Ricochet gets hit with a Claymore Kick. Team Flair is all standing and they surround Roman. Rusev comes back and starts taking them out until he’s left with just Bobby Lashley. They come face-to-face and start exchanging. Rusev gets the better of the right hands but Lashley suckers him to the outside. Reigns hits Lashley with a Superman Punch, then he runs and dives over the ropes onto everyone at ringside!

Reigns puts Orton back in the ring and readies for the Spear, but Randy kicks him and counters the Superman Punch with an RKO…but Roman kicks out! Orton looks to hit Roman with the punt but he’s grabbed by Shorty G. Ali then comes in and counters the RKO, allowing Ricochet to hit Orton with a shooting star press. Ali and Ricochet hit dives to Lashley and Corbin at ringside, meanwhile Reigns Spears Orton for the win!

Winners: Team Hogan

It’s main event time in Saudi Arabia and the Universal Champion, Seth Rollins is out first.

Falls Count Anywhere

WWE Universal Championship Match

(C) Seth Rollins Vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

The bell rings and The Fiend chops Seth in the throat with both hands. Wyatt pounds Seth in the corner, then whips him to the ropes and headbutts him. The Fiend delivers a right hand and chokes Seth on the top rope. Seth catches The Fiend with a slingblade, then kicks him from the corner and hits a blockbuster.

Rollins takes to the apron and hits a springboard knee. Seth looks for The Stomp but Wyatt dodges it and clocks Rollins with a body attack. Wyatt drags Seth from the ring and knocks him around ringside. The Fiend tosses Rollins over the barricade and into the crowd.

Wyatt knocks Rollins onto an equipment box and climbs up with him. Rollins counters Bray and throws him into an LED wall. They get off the production boxes and head back to ringside. Rollins connects with a superkick to the gut, then hits The Stomp on the floor…but The Fiend jumped right back up.

The Fiend grabs Seth and hits a Urinage on the apron. Wyatt sits on the apron and listens to his gloves before continuing his assault. The Fiend slams Seth into the announce table, then runs at him and tries to tackle him into the barricade but nobody’s home and Wyatt crashes through the barricade. Seth grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up at ringside, then climbs into the ring and hits a suicide dive, then another.

Rollins takes the lid from the announce table and hits The Fiend with it twice. Seth grabs another table from under the ring and sets it on top of the first one. Rollins grabs a chair and drives it into the gut of The Fiend, then hits him across the back, twice. Rollins then grabs the sledgehammer from under the ring. He puts The Fiend’s head on the steel chair and looks to use the hammer but Wyatt jumps up and applies the Mandible Claw!

Seth fights him off but The Fiend tosses Rollins over the announce table. The Fiend gets on the announce table with Seth and performs the neck break. Wyatt clears the other announce table and sets Rollins on it, before climbing onto the other. Wyatt looks to hit a running senton but Seth moves and The Fiend crashes through the announce table! Seth covers him but The Fiend kicks out at one!

Rollins grabs the chair again and hits The Fiend in the gut again. As Seth hits Bray with the chair, he just continues to get up. Rollins beats him with the chair onto the remaining announce table, then climbs the top rope and looks for the frog splash but Bray jumps up and shoves Seth off and through the two tables Seth put at ringside!

The Fiend lies across the top rope, admiring his handiwork before climbing down to continue attacking Seth. Wyatt listens to his glove again, then lifts the padding around ringside. The Fiend drags Rollins over to the exposed steel floor and looks to hit Sister Abigail but Seth counters with an enziguiri. Seth grabs the steel steps and hits Wyatt in the head three times! Seth hits The Stomp on the exposed steel floor. He covers but The Fiend kicks out at two!

Rollins grabs the chair again and hits The Fiend, knocking him over the barricade. Rollins gets onto the barricade and jumps off cracking the chair into the head of The Fiend. They wind-up on some platform and Wyatt hits Sister Abigail on it! The Fiend covers Rollins but he kicks out. Wyatt unloads some ground and pound before sending Seth back over the barricade to ringside.

Seth crawls up the ramp to get away but The Fiend attacks him. Bray literally drags Seth up the ramp, punching him along the way. The Fiend looks to throw Seth off the stage but the Champion gets away and superkicks The Fiend, followed by The Stomp. The Fiend gets right back up and Seth hits three superkicks. Another Stomp from Rollins, then numbers five and six but he doesn’t go for the pin. Wyatt rolls to the edge of the stage where Seth hits another Stomp. The fans are booing. Rollins stomps-up the band, then hits an eighth Stomp beside some stairs.

The Fiend starts to get up, so Seth superkicks him twice, then a third time that knocks Wyatt into some production equipment that sparks and sends flames into the air. Officials run out and blow fire extinguishers into the production boxes. Seth pulls one of the boxes away and sparks fly in his face. Rollins holds his face and sits on the box. Wyatt stands up behind him and gets him in the Mandible Claw! Wyatt hits Sister Abigail and wins!

Winner and New WWE Universal Champion: “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

The Fiend sits on the ground beside Rollins, looking at his hands. His music plays for a minute then cuts off and the lights go out. After a few seconds, the lights come back up and The Fiend is standing on the stage holding the Universal Championship in the air.

And that’s it for WWE Crown Jewel 2019. Let us know what you thought and be sure to come back tomorrow for SmackDown Live results. Until then, safe travels!

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