Paige Dealing With Disgusting Situation On Airplane

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Paige has traveled the world as a WWE Superstar and she’s sat next to plenty of different people on airplanes. She would probably prefer to never be around someone like this again.

Apparently, there is a man “playing” with his nasal discharge on a flight with Paige. This prompted the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion to send out a little public notice to her fans.

Life tip. Do whatever you want in your own home. But in public.. please.. PLEASE blow your nose if you’re dripping everywhere and don’t wipe boogers down your pant leg or play with them. Don’t be like the guy next to me on the plane. No one likes that person.

It’s a good thing that Paige didn’t take a picture of this guy to shame him further. Hopefully, he’s not one of her 2.5 million Twitter followers so he’ll read about his how booger routine grossed Paige out later on.

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