WWE has been though several eras since the formation of the company. Currently Seth Rollins is enjoying a position on top, but he’s one of the latest in a long line of main eventers who all told stories their own way.

Seth Rollins recently spoke to the Houston Chronicle where he discussed how WWE’s storytelling has evolved over the years. He called it a “wacky medium” and used Mick Foley as an example of how WWE continues to tell different stories in the ring.

“Yeah, wrestling is a wacky medium that allows you to tell stories different ways. Foley’s a great example. He’s an amazing storyteller who has done it different ways. He was great in the ring. He was great at making his injuries entertaining. And he was also athletic when he had to be. Our audience now asks for the storytelling, but they also enjoy a faster-paced style. A little more high-flying style. It’s more action packed.”

“You transition into different slayers. Beast Slayer. Hey, there’s always something out there to slay. There’s always something out there to slay. You find a way to make a new monster. The arc of my character over seven years has been all over the place. And there’s an infinite number of places to go from here.”


Seth Rollins is feuding with Bray Wyatt and things could get very interesting at Crown Jewel as their falls count anywhere match must see a winner. There will be plenty more stories to tell so Rollins could very well become any variation of Slayer in the future.

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