Chris Jericho’s jump to AEW brought a lot of attention to All Elite Wrestling, especially within the WWE locker room.

Wrestling News reports that after Chris Jericho jumped to AEW, the idea within the WWE locker room changed. One Superstar reported said that AEW doesn’t have the BS politics and “walking on eggshells” that WWE has as a part of their culture.

The fact that Y2J ended up in AEW also means that WWE isn’t the only top option in pro wrestling. That might end up becoming a huge factor as time goes on.

One Superstar reportedly said:


“I don’t know how many of us watch AEW but I know a few guys and girls here that watch the show every week. You can’t deny that their shows are great. My friends there say there’s no bullsh*t politics there and no walking on eggshells like WWE’s backstage. Jericho going there made it okay to say ‘yea, WWE is not the end all be all and I’ll be fine if I decide to leave.’ It doesn’t hurt that [AEW’s] schedule is much easier on the body.”

AEW has a lot of people watching them right now. They might have scored less than 1 million viewers this week, but that was against the World Series that claimed nearly 12 million viewers.

This is just the beginning of the story because you never know who might be tempted to make a jump next to join Chris Jericho in AEW.

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