AEW knew what they wanted when starting their own pro wrestling company. Now they have officially locked down Justin Roberts in a contract.

Roberts previously worked for WWE, but that time in his life is over. He might have thought that ring announcing was a thing of the past for him as well, but All Elite Wrestling had other plans.

The former WWE ring announcer has been announcing AEW stars’ names as they made their way to the ring since the start of the company, but he recently revealed online that his contract is now official.

Breaking “news”: 5 years to the week when it ended and I thought my final announcement had been made, the Khantract has been signed and it’s officially time to begin, again.
Thank you to every one of you who has supported me over the years and asked me to “come back”. And thank you to AEW for believing in me. Tony, Cody, Nick, Matt, Kenny, Brandi, Dana, Chris’ and Co. have created something so special and as a fan and as an announcer, I am beyond excited and HAPPY to be part of it. 


Now it appears that Justin Roberts is in AEW for the long haul. He definitely worked hard for this comeback, but probably never considered the fact that when he was working alongside Brandi Rhodes all those years ago in WWE that things could have ended up like this.

H Jenkins

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