WWE Superstars Argue Over Which Brand Gets The Usos

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The Usos haven’t been seen since just before SummerSlam and they were not included in the Draft Pool. This has brought up some serious questions in the WWE locker room.

Xavier Woods tweeted out wondering if since The Usos weren’t included in the Draft Pool if that could mean that they will get to go back to SmackDown. It might be wishful thinking, but you never know what WWE will decide to do with Jimmy and Jey.

So… does this free agent thing mean that we get @WWEUsos back?

Ricochet replied back saying: “Nah bruh, we’re getting the Usos!” It appears that there are Superstars on both brands who want to have The Usos back.

We previously reported that at this point WWE has no creative plans for the Usos return. The same is true for Naomi who has been out since July as well.

We’ll have to wait and see when Jimmy and Jey Uso make their returns, but they obviously have people on either roster who would welcome them with open arms.

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