WWE Not Likely To Stop With The ‘Crazy Stuff’ Any Time Soon

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WWE has a couple of issues right now, but money is not one of them. The problem is that Vince McMahon can’t buy ratings.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed WWE’s current strategy. The company is doing very well financially, but ratings continue to take a hit. This is why they seem to be going all out when it comes to over the top angles in an attempt to bring those fans back.

“I think we’re gonna see a lot of crazy stuff every week because it’s almost like we’re in this period where they’re gonna throw a whole bunch against the wall and hope that something sticks. I think that’s the kinda period we have and there’s no great pressure — I mean that’s the one good thing — there’s no great pressure because, I mean the money’s through the roof.”

House shows might be down, but those are such a small part of WWE’s business now that it might not matter to Vince McMahon. WWE is making a ton of money from their television and Saudi Arabia deals. They just need to generate the interest from fans.

“Crazy” storylines will likely continue on the quest of finding something that will bring fans back to the product.

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