WWE’s Original Idea Before Deciding On Another Draft

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The 2019 WWE Draft is over, at least the primary portion is. Now we’ll have to see what they do with the supplemental Superstars, free agents, and a possible “blockbuster trade.”

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Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE decided on a Draft to help out ratings. After all, when everything was said and done the rosters didn’t get changed around all too much.

“The rosters they were originally going to go with — because there weren’t a lot of changes — the rosters that they were originally going to go with on Raw and SmackDown, those were the rosters after WrestleMania. They weren’t going to do another Draft, then I guess they felt for whatever reason that they needed this secondary draft thing for ratings for the second week of SmackDown.”

Meltzer went on to say that this was more for the ratings for the second week of SmackDown because they are the more important brand. The bad news is that last week’s SmackDown number was down over 1 million viewers with an additional 12 million possible viewers since Dish and Sling fixed their situation with FOX.

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