Mandy Rose On Winning ‘Nicest Cheeks’ In High School

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High school yearbooks will sometimes include a superlatives section where people are voted “Most Likely To Succeed” and so on. Apparently, Mandy Rose went to a different kind of high school.

During a recent episode of Up Up Down Down, Xavier Woods brought up that Mandy Rose once told him that she and her brother won “Nicest Cheeks.” Their classmates appreciated their backsides and she can laugh about it now as a WWE Superstar famous for her sultry entrance.

“We won ‘Nicest Cheeks’ what a superlative, like was a superlative, like who does that? They didn’t pick ‘Most Likely To Succeed,’ they’re like ‘Nice Cheeks.’ I’m like, ‘Awesome.’ Look at me now.”

Mandy Rose and Xavier Woods had some fun laughing about this unusual award. Rose might be a free agent right now, but whatever brand gets her will also retain ownership of the nicest female butt in her graduating class.

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