Matt Hardy Comments On How He Stays Sober

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Matt Hardy has been able to really clean up his life after battling addiction years ago. The same cannot be said for his brother Jeff.

As we previously reported, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy’s wives had a little spat on Twitter. There was a lot of dirty laundry being aired.

One fan said “it’s a miracle” that Matt Hardy has been able to clean up and stay sober. Hardy had to comment and clear some things up.

It’s no miracle, it’s who I am now. I live right & have my priorities in order, primarily my health & family. It’s all about you actually addressing the real issues, disallowing denial & holding yourself accountable for your actions. I’m proud of who I am.

Matt Hardy and Reby Hardy are expecting baby #3 very soon and they can’t wait for their third son. Hardy also commented on a family picture that he sent out saying “PRIORITIES.” Hopefully, this wasn’t a dig at his brother.

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