WWE Worried They ‘Killed The Town’ After Hell In A Cell

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The phrase “killed the town” is an old one in the pro wrestling world. Basically, it means that someone did a show that was so bad that nobody will ever come back to another wrestling event in the town again. Some people in WWE were afraid that they did exactly that to Sacramento at Hell In A Cell.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that some people in WWE were actually worried that they couldn’t come back to Sacramento after such a disastrous finish. Fortunately, due to the change in the pro wrestling world the idea of “killing the town” doesn’t quite apply anymore.

Others were worried that they killed the town. And in an era where you had to cater to the local fans because you come regularly, this would put a damper on attendance in the market for some time. But now, with short memories and long periods before returning, by the time they come back to Sacramento, this may be a distant memory.

We’ll have to see how long it will be until WWE comes back to Sacramento. The problem with everything changing in the pro wrestling world is the fact that the bad Hell In A Cell finish wasn’t just limited to people in Sacramento either, because that match was seen throughout the entire WWE Universe as well.

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