Tommaso Ciampa made his return to NXT last week and now he is medically cleared for in-ring competition. There are also signs pointing to Edge possibly getting cleared for a return as well.

While speaking to WWE’s The Bump, Tommaso Ciampa discussed a friendship with Edge that formed due to his neck surgery. He stated that both he and Edge wanted to be in control of their last matches.

This is something that looks even more promising for both of them especially in light of recent events.

“Yeah, Edge was the first one to do so. He’s probably the one I talk to most about it. X-Pac has had neck surgery as well. Edge kinda had a joke about it on social media that it’s the brotherhood or sisterhood of the neck once somebody goes through it you know what that person’s going through. It’s just being there for that person and let them know, ‘Yeah this is normal, this is what to expect more so mentally than physically. Between Edge and Steve Corino those were the two main guys I was in contact with over the journey, Edge being probably my number one guy because our paths were very similar about how the injury came about.”

“We were both on top in some degree when it happened and the hardest part of it is that you want to be in control of your last match. That’s the thing now and I know Edge that was a big thing for him.”

“That was big for me because my last matches were tag matches on the RAW and SmackDown shows with Sheamus and Cesaro and then an NXT one with Aleister and Ricochet and just none of them, they weren’t as I envisioned them. That’s the part that you kinda have trouble digesting because you just wanna be in control of your own career.”

Edge tried to squash rumors of his return, but this latest statement from Tommaso Ciampa won’t help that cause.

Perhaps Edge will end up wrestling again by the time everything’s said and done. Either way, Ciampa is back in NXT and on the path to reclaim Goldie once again.

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