The Rock Congratulates Jim Cornette For New NWA Show

NWA Powerrr made its debut this week and it has received a lot of praise so far. The Rock ran across it and it was definitely impressed.

Jim Cornette is an announcer on the new NWA show and he was really in his element. The Rock sent out a congratulatory tweet to Cornette for a great show with a vintage feel.

Congrats Jim, the boys, crew etc. Stumbled across this show last night and enjoyed it. I grew up in territories and started my career at channel 5 in Memphis so I have a lot of love/respect for small scale, crowd tv shows. Cool vintage feel. Keep working hard boys. Rock

The Rock hasn’t forgotten about where he comes from and watching something like NWA Powerrr had a real throwback feel. NWA’s new show certainly got a great rub from The Great One with that tweet.