Jon Moxley Cuts Unscripted Promo On People Saying He’s ‘Damaged Goods’

Jon Moxley couldn’t work his scheduled match against Kenny Omega at All Out due to an elbow issue. He had MRSA and needed to wear a brace for a while.

Now Moxley is back and ready for battle. He will go one-on-one with Shawn Spears tonight on AEW: Dynamite and the former Dean Ambrose is already pretty irritated about the whole situation.

Jon Moxley cut a promo when he arrived at the arena today. It was staged with a rogue feeling and we can only assume it took one take, but it’s amazing.

“For six weeks I’ve had to sit back and listen to everyone in the world say whatever they want about me, about my health. They wanna call me damaged goods. It seems like every punk-ass in his industry has an opinion. They wanna talk a big game, they wanna type a big game about the things they wanna do to me in the ring while I’m laid up in a hospital, huh?”

Mox said everyone got six weeks while he recovered where they could run their mouths about him. Now that time is over. He’s gunning for anyone who talked smack, but he’ll start with Shawn Spears tonight.

You can check this latest promo below. Moxley can talk pretty well without a script.