Lana Reacts To All The Hate — ‘It’s My Body & I Can Do What I Want’

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Lana is quite a hot topic within WWE fans these days. She opened up WWE Raw this week with an adulterous segment, but now she’s coming at her haters.

The Ravishing Russian posted a couple of photos and a message to her haters. She did it for the sake of women’s empowerment as well.

I’m posting this for all the bullies that have been coming for me in my comments. It’s my body and I can do what I want. Now that’s real #WomenEmpowerment. If men can do it then women can do it

Lana plays a character in WWE so any fans who is crawling into her comments to really shade her for something that happens on Raw need to understand that. She still has quite a powerful message as she uses her platform to do as she pleases.

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