‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt didn’t wind up capturing the Universal Championship from Seth Rollins at WWE Hell in a Cell, with the ending of the match receiving a lot of attention after Rollins was disqualified for his actions towards The Fiend.

A lot of people believe that Wyatt’s character has been damaged, but even if that was the case, he’s still quite easily one of the most over members of the main roster – and that’ll continue to be the case throughout his run in this split personality persona.

Wyatt himself had been fairly quiet in the wake of the loss, but now, he has released a chilling statement on social media.

This doesn’t feel like the end of the road for this feud, which can only mean that these two will square off as we look ahead to Survivor Series which is the next big show on WWE’s calendar.

The expectation is that Wyatt will eventually come away with the Universal Championship and begin his reign of terror, but you really can’t be all too sure after these events. Seth has had an okay run with the belt, but the majority of fans within the WWE Universe want to see what The Fiend is able to produce at the top of the mountain.

Again, some may even suggest that Bray being on Twitter at all is a bit damaging to his character, but such is the nature of the modern era of pro wrestling and the way in which we receive our news.

Harry Kettle

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