WWE’s Official Explanation For Calling Off Hell In A Cell Main Event

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WWE Hell In A Cell did not end the way anyone had planned, except for Vince McMahon. He realizes that he screwed up now so let’s just see what happens next.

In an act of storyline damage control, WWE released an official storyline explanation about why the referee called off Seth Rollins’ Universal Title defense against Bray Wyatt.

“Clearly sensing that a line was about to be crossed, the referee tried to stop Rollins from using the hammer. But The Beast Slayer did it anyway, bringing the tool straight down on the whole pile, causing the ref to wave off the match while a crew of medics tended to Wyatt. Rollins, who was clearly on the verge of madness, made the mistake of straddling his fallen foe and quickly found himself ensnared in the Mandible Claw as Wyatt rose up from his back and continued his attack.

Rollins was helpless to respond as Wyatt took him outside the ring, exposing the arena floor by tearing up the mat. It became clear that the Universal Championship was the last thing on Wyatt’s mind. Wyatt smashed Rollins face-first into the arena floor with Sister Abigail and applied the Mandible Claw once again. This time, the writhing Rollins was spared only by the signature shrieks that precede Wyatt’s exit. Hell in a Cell did not end with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt as Universal Champion. But clearly, he’d gotten what he came for all the same.”

We will have full coverage of WWE Raw tonight. Hopefully, they will be able to smooth things out before fans hijack another show.

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