Vince McMahon Thinks Some WWE Superstars Are ‘Too Pro Wrestling’

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WWE is a sports entertainment company that presents professional wrestling content for the masses. Still, Vince McMahon thinks that some of his Superstars are “too pro wrestling.”

Fightful Select reports that when asked about the controversial Hell In A Cell finish, it was noted by one Superstars how Vince McMahon feels. It is reported that McMahon “has insinuated that some on the roster are ‘too pro wrestling.'”

The context of this strange comment was not provided, hopefully, we’ll get some clarification soon enough. It is still very interesting that McMahon would feel this way and then book a finish like he did for Hell In A Cell.

It was reported that this source called the Hell In A Cell finish an “embarrassment” and noted that it “maybe the worst they’ve ever insulted fans intelligence.”

Vince McMahon’s decision was a very controversial one, but it was also noted that this particular person has stopped trying to make sense of WWE storylines a long time ago.

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