The American television ratings for AEW: Dynamite blew NXT out of the water. This event prompted WWE to be proactive and congratulate AEW on a successful premiere before the new could become official.

We all know that AEW scored 1.49 million viewers, but how did the show really stack up against NXT?

Reddit user wcincedarrapids provided some great details comparing AEW and NXT’s viewership.

AEW peaked in the first 35 minutes or so, then slowly declined before finishing strong(but not as strong in the first 35 minutes) in the last 25 minutes.

NXT was more steady throughout, slightly gaining as it went on.

The 8pm, 8:15pm, 8:45pm, 9:00pm, and 9:45pm quarter hours are where AEW had its biggest margins over NXT.

AEW’s strongest quarter hours were its first 3, and NXT’s strongest quarter hours were its last 3. This could be a cause for concern for AEW, as the strong start for the program could very well have been curious people checking it out and may not have any intention of being a return viewer. However, its weakest quarter hour (9:15-9:30) still beat NXT’s strongest quarter hour(9:15-9:30).

AEW’s weakest quarter hour at 9:15 was an 0.62, so one has to assume that will be the baseline going forward.

NXT moved ahead of AEW for a couple minutes from 9:38pm to 9:40pm – anyone know what happened there? I am guessing commercial break for AEW.

Nashville was NXT’s strongest market while Detroit seemed to have the most AEW viewers.

AEW vs NXT is only just beginning so there will be plenty more data to comb through soon enough. You can check a minute-by-minute rating below.

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