Jon Moxley Still Using Employee Benefits From WWE

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Jon Moxley left WWE, but his family is still very much a part of the WWE Universe. His wife Renee Young is an announcer for the company and the future host of WWE Backstage. This comes with benefits that he gets.

During the media scrum following AEW: Dynamite’s premiere, Tony Khan revealed that Mox actually has health insurance through his wife Renee Young. Different AEW stars have health insurance through various means other than through All Elite Wrestling as well.

“Jon Moxley actually does get healthcare but he gets it through his wife [Renee Young] who is a full-time employee elsewhere. But Kenny [Omega] does get healthcare and is a full-time employee as are a lot of people. Kenny is a part of my office and he works a full-time job. There’s other people like Britt Baker who’s full-time job is a dentist and she’s come in and wrestle I wanna say four of the five shows.”

Moxley will also continue getting royalties from WWE because he let his contract expire the right way.

It is incredibly interesting to know that Jon Moxley’s health insurance is through WWE’s provider. In this strange way he’s still very much connected to World Wrestling Entertainment and they’re still to thank for any time he must seek medical assistance.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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