How Many Tickets Are Left For All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite TNT Debut

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All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite will premiere on TNT tonight, but fans at home shouldn’t expect a totally sold-out Capitol One Arena despite such a quick “sell out” on the day tickets were made available.

Scalpers bombarded the television taping debut making it impossible for many fans to get tickets. Now those scalpers seem to be sitting on a massive amount of tickets.

As of right now, Stub Hub is listing 2,759 tickets available for the AEW: Dynamite debut. Some of those tickets are as low as $6.

To make matters even more interesting, AEW opened up more tickets very recently after more seats were opened up after production was figured out. Ticket Master is currently listing tickets available all over the building including a few sections with “100+” tickets available making it impossible to add up.

AEW will still bring a huge show and will still have way more than the 400 that NXT will have in Full Sail Arena. It won’t be 100% packed though.

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