AEW Draws Impressive Number For ‘Road To Dynamite’ TNT Special

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All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite will debut tonight on TNT and Wednesdays will never be looked at the same way again for pro wrestling fans.

Last night the company ran a “Road To Dynamite” special on TNT. At the end of this special the company revealed Chris Jericho’s mystery partners for tonight’s AEW: Dynamite debut.

When the numbers came in, AEW’s “Road To Dynamite” special drew 631,000 viewers. This is impressive considering that it was mostly a highlight show to catch viewers up who might not have been watching their previous pay-per-view events.

We’ll have to see how All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite performs when everything is said and done, but they seem to be generating a good amount of interest so far.

On a side note, if you missed last night’s special you can check it out below or click here if you’re having trouble viewing the video.

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