Latest ‘WWE Backstage’ Talk About CM Punk Return

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WWE has a knack for keeping us guessing and so does CM Punk. Although Punk seems very happy with his current career choices, you can never say never in WWE.

Wrestle Votes reported on the current CM Punk situation and it sounded promising, but fans might have to wait a while. It wasn’t shut down, but unless WWE is keeping it “super quiet,” CM Punk isn’t coming back just yet, but it might happen eventually.

Re: CM Punk… I asked, I got back nothing definitive, as it should be. If and when it happens, it should be super quiet. One source went on to say “probably not now, but eventually” so that’s that.

We previously reported that CM Punk appeared on KROQ where he addressed the rumors of a Fox Sports 1 studio show gig. We’ll have to see whether it happens, but he said don’t be mad at him if nothing comes of it.

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