Lacey Evans Claps Back At Fan Calling Her A ‘Self Centered B*tch’

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Lacey Evans isn’t paying haters any mind, because they’re all just nasties to her.

The Lady Of WWE was recently minding her own business as someone popped into her mentions that she just had to deal with. This unruly fan said to her: “Ya seem like a real self centered bitch.”

Evans received this hateful response because she posted something about not enjoying her meet & greets. She doesn’t break kayfabe at all, so naturally, she wouldn’t enjoy meeting any nasties in person.

This is true, but when Evans saw a hateful tweet calling her ‘a self centered bitch,’ she couldn’t let it remain unchecked.

*Reading as I sip coffee as black as my soul*…. Good Morning ya nasties

We’ll just have to see how long i will be until we see Lacey Evans back on WWE television, but she’s still been working to generate that online heat in a big way.

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