Jerry Lawler’s WWE RAW Replacement Reportedly Revealed

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Jerry “The King” Lawler is making his return to WWE commentary this week, but it won’t be forever. The company is already making plans for him to eventually move out of the chair before he even came back to fill it.

Brad Shepard reports on the Oh, You Didn’t Know patreon that WWE isn’t done with Tom Phillips. In fact, he will eventually be worked back onto television soon enough.

According to a source in WWE, the company has Tom Phillips working on other projects and he is expected to join the Raw commentary team and replace Lawler as of early December – this was the plan as of Thursday of last week.

We previously reported that Phillips is being worked as a producer at this time, but the definition that particular role within the company can carry multiple meanings.

We’ll have to see if WWE changes their plans because there are still a few months until December, but it looks like Tom Phillips will be back on television soon enough.

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