WWE Instituting Mandatory Rehearsals For NXT Superstars

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WWE brought the NXT brand to the USA Network and this will come with a lot more attention. In fact, it will come with a lot more responsibilities too.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that due to NXT’s live Wednesday night broadcast, WWE has instituted a new aspect to their required schedule. NXT Superstars must now attend a rehearsal and it is mandatory.

After all, if/when the NXT Superstars make it to the main roster they will be required to do rehearsals before each live event as well.

The talent is also required to do a full rehearsal every Tuesday night at Full Sail for the Wednesday television. This will happen weekly and it’s mandatory, even for those with a decent amount of television experience. 

It’s a good idea that NXT is doing practice runs before their show goes live. When a show is live there is far less room for any type of error. This kind of pressure is going to be a good thing because hopefully, it won’t be too much more stressful if a WWE call-up does happen.

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