AEW Tried To Keep World Title Theft Quiet

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Chris Jericho won the All Elite Wrestling World Title and he celebrated with a little bit of the bubbly. Then the title was stolen the next day while Y2J ate at a Longhorn Steakhouse.

Cody Rhodes recently spoke to Pro Wrestling Sheet where he revealed his own reaction to the title heist. He broke it down and admitted that the Longhorn Steakhouse story is pretty incredible.

AEW tried to hide the situation until it was eventually revealed due to the police report that Chris Jericho filed. Rhodes was happy that they eventually found the title, but he still ordered a second one just in case.

“It was kept quiet amongst a ‘need-to-know’ for as long as we could keep it quiet. I think the tale of it getting stolen out of a Longhorn Steakhouse and the grand theft potentially involved, again Longhorn Steakhouse, I think that’s a really great story. If what in actuality happened was a gentleman just placed it on the roof of a car and it fell off, that’s not as sexy of a story. The main thing I was happy about, cause I ordered a second title immediately, I was happy that we found it and it was undamaged and Chris has it in his possession. Because when he got it that night it meant the world to him, so I’m just glad we have it.” 

Cody Rhodes will have a chance to win the AEW World Title at Full Gear on November 9th. Chris Jericho won’t let go of it so easily, especially after he already lost it.

It’s a good thing the title was eventually turned into police after ending up on Craigslist.

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