Bray Wyatt Teases Being On The Masked Singer

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Bray Wyatt is the hottest act in WWE right now and with the company’s new partnership with Fox, there’s always a chance that they could let him crossover onto another popular show.

The Masked Singer is sweeping the nation and Bray Wyatt might be game to try out his musical talent. If anything, he certainly teased that Jason Baker concocted an amazing mask for him to wear in the masked singing competition.

Wait till you see the mask @bakingjason designed me for @MaskedSingerFOX season 3

Super neato!

Bray Wyatt is very busy coming up with his next mission to terrorize Seth Rollins right now, but you never know if Wyatt could be singing away under a different creepy mask soon enough. If anything, this tweet gave us a chuckle.

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