WWE Raw Results – Sep 9th, 2019

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King of the Ring

Semi Final

Samoa Joe Vs. Ricochet Vs. Baron Corbin

Corbin stays outside as Joe and Ricochet start the match. Ricochet connects with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors on Joe followed by a dropkick that knocks Joe from the ring. Ricochet looks for the dive but Corbin comes in and drops him with a shoulder block.

Corbin whips Ricochet into the corner and charges at him but Ricochet dodges and hits a springboard flying clothesline, followed by a standing shooting star press for a near-fall. Ricochet backflips off the chest of Corbin on the floor and then connects with an Enziguri. Ricochet then hits a Tope Suicida onto Joe on the floor followed by a Fosbury Flop onto Corbin on the other side of the floor as we head to the break.

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Back from the break, Ricochet looks for a hurricanrana off the apron on Corbin but he blocks it and slams Ricochet into the ring post – Ricochet landed hard. Joe then comes through the ropes with a suicide dive through the ropes to Corbin!

Joe tosses Ricochet into the ring post again and then rolls Corbin into the ring. Corbin and Joe exchange forearms and punches, then Joe gets the upper hand with chops and slaps. Joe lands an Atomic Drop followed by a Mafia Kick, then the Backsplash Senton for a near-fall. Ricochet comes in to break it up.

Ricochet and Joe climb to their feet and chop each other until Joe floors him with a particularly stiff chop. Ricochet comes back with a flying back elbow but then gets caught with a snap power slam from Joe for another near-fall! Joe lifts Ricochet up to the top rope and climbs up with him. Joe goes for a superplex but Ricochet blocks it and then Corbin comes in and goes for a Super Bomb. Joe cuts him off and Ricochet shoves Joe off. Ricochet then dives off the top only to eat a clothesline from Corbin!

Joe hits a Running Back Elbow and then the Leaping Enziguri on Corbin in the corner! Ricochet takes Joe out with a Superkick! Joe rolls out to the floor and Ricochet connects with a series of chops and elbows on Corbin, but Corbin drops him with a big boot off the ropes after Ricochet connected with a dropkick!

Corbin looks for a Chokeslam but Ricochet counters into a Sunset Flip for a near-fall. Corbin hits Ricochet with a Powerbomb, followed by Deep Six and looks for the cover, but Joe pulls Corbin out to the floor and locks in the Coquina Clutch! Corbin tries to slam Joe into the ring apron and then the barricade to break the hold but Joe won’t release it. Eventually Joe drops down to the floor and gets his hooks in! Ricochet then comes from out of nowhere with a Shooting Star Press off the apron onto Corbin and Joe!

Ricochet rolls Joe into the ring and then goes up top for the 630 Splash, but Joe moves out of the way and then locks him in the Coquina Clutch! Ricochet uses the turnbuckles to back flip out of the hold and then connects with the Recoil! Ricochet goes up top and hits the 630 Splash! Corbin pulls Ricochet out of the ring and tosses him over the barricade, then slides into the ring and pins Joe for the win!

Winner: Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin has progressed to the final of the King of the Ring tournament. He will face the winner of Elias Vs. Chad Gable, tomorrow night.

Lacey Evans makes her way to the ring.

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We see a replay of last week, when Natalya attacked Lacey Evans, but then got beat. Tonight they have a rematch.

Lacey Evans Vs. Natalya

As soon as the match begins Natalya slaps Lacey and then powers her into the corner and lands some right hands. Nattie hits a Snap Suplex and then goes to work on Lacey’s leg.

Nattie locks in a submission hold but Lacey grabbed the ropes to break it. Natalya hits a discus clothesline and gets a near-fall. Nattie looks for the Sharpshooter but Lacey grabs the bottom rope and pulls herself out to the floor.

As Nattie climbs out to the floor, Evans connects with a spinning neckbreaker. Lacey then slams Natalya into the ring apron and kicks her in the face repeatedly. The fans are not there for this one. Lacey uses the ring apron to choke Nattie and then rolls back into the ring and hits a Slingshot Elbow Drop for a near-fall.

Lacey continues to beat Nattie down in the corner and then connects with a Headstand into a Seated Senton in the corner for another near-fall. Lacey applies a reverse chin-lock but Nattie fights out with a snapmare only to eat a running clothesline from Evans. Lacey takes to the top rope and attempts a diving moonsault but Natalya rolls out of the way only to run right into a spinning back kick.

Lacey slams Nattie’s face into the mat repeatedly and then slams her head into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Lacey goes for another headstand senton but Nattie gets her foot up. Natalya locks-in the Sharpshooter and Lacey taps out.

Winner: Natalya

Still to come, the Firefly Fun House and a ten man tag match.

*Commercial Break*

We see a replay from before Raw tonight, where basketball player Enes Kanter won the 24/7 Championship from R-Truth, only for Truth to win it back moments later and become a 15 time Champion.

The announcers run-down the entire card for Clash of Champions, this Sunday, from North Carolina.

It’s time for the Firefly Fun House. Bray speaks in an Italian accent and says it’s a today episode but then Ramblin’ Rabbit appears and says he saw a stranger with Seth and Braun. Bray asks if he means Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the other puppets say yes. Abbey The Witch says her clock has been stuck at 3:16 ever since Steve Austin appeared. All the puppets yell “stranger danger” until Bray screams at them to stop and holds his ears. He begins laughing and offers to fix Abbey’s clock, which he smashes with a hammer until it says 11:19. Bray says Seth and Braun invoked The Fiend, but Steve is just a rattlesnake, and you can’t blame a snake for being a snake. And a stranger is just a friend you don’t know you. He says just look at Braun and Seth, who made new friends tonight. But friends won’t help them where they’re going, because friends forgive but The Fiend never forgets. “See you in hell!” and that’s it for the gang.

Our 10-man tag team main event is up next.

*Commercial Break*

Everyone makes their entrances and takes their sweet time getting to the ring.

Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Cedric Alexander, & The Viking Raiders Vs. The O.C., & Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

The match begins with Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler. They lock-up and fight for control. Seth takes the wrist, then whips Dolph and hits a hip toss. Seth tags Ivar who immediately tags Erik, who scoop slams his partner onto Dolph. Erik goes for the pin but it’s broken up, prompting literally everyone to run into the ring and brawl. Dolph jumps off the top but gets caught with a chokeslam by Braun and we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Anderson is beating on Cedrix Alexander in the corner. AJ Styles tags in and stomps Cedric down in the corner, then distracts the referee while his corner beat on Alexander. Alexander heads to the apron and hits AJ with a rope-assisted spinning STO. AJ attacks the arm of Alexander again, then tags Luke Gallows.

Gallows clubs Alexander down in the corner, and again the heels attack Cedric while the referee isn’t looking. Roode comes in and continues to focus the attack on the arm. Roode slows everything down and keeps a submission on Alexander. Eventually he fights out and drops Roode with a huge back elbow.

Tags are made to Karl Anderson and Seth Rollins. The Champ knocks a few people off the apron and drops Anderson with a sling blade. Seth hits a springboard knee to Anderson, followed by a Falcon Arrow for a near-fall. Alexander comes off the ropes with a clotheslines to Roode, then Erik and Ivar attack Ziggler and Gallows. AJ hits a Phenomenal Forearm to Ivar, but then Seth takes him out.

Seth hits Gallows then Anderson with suicide dives, meanwhile Braun runs around hitting shoulder tackles as they get back up. Braun and Seth get Anderson back in the ring and Braun hits a Running Powerslam. He looks for the pin but Seth is shoved into him to break the fall. Seth and Braun argue as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the final break of the night and Ziggler is choking Rollins in the corner. Anderson tags in and continues the assault. Anderson applies a sleeper but Seth hits a jawbreaker to escape. Seth looks to leap to make the tag but Karl catches him with a spinebuster.

Anderson puts Seth on the top rope and climbs up, but gets knocked down and Roode comes in. Roode gets caught with a Blockbuster and a tag is made to Ziggler. Rollins hits Dolph with a buckle bomb, then makes the tag to Braun as AJ comes in for his team.

Strowman floors AJ with repeated shoulder tackles, a big boot, then looks for the Running Powerslam but AJ gets off. AJ dodges Braun and the monster hits the ring post. Erik tags in and hits Dolph with a T-Bone suplex, followed by a knee to Bobby Roode. Styles attacks Erik, but Ivar comes in and drops AJ. Ivar heads up top as Cedric tags in, then Ivar dives off onto all the heels at ringside. Meanwhile, Alexander dodges the Phenomenal Forearm and hits the Lumbar Check for the win!

Winners: Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Cedrix Alexander, & The Viking Riaders

As soon as the match ends, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music hits and the rattlesnake comes down to the ring. He grabs beers and joins the babyfaces in the ring for a beer bash. The babyfaces are loving life as they glug Broken Skull I.P.A’s, and that’s the end of Raw!

Let us know what you thought of tonight’s Raw and be sure to come back tomorrow for more news and SmackDown Live results.

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