WWE Stiffing Network Subscribers Who Use Prepaid Cards

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WWE Network has their brand in many super markets and retail environments in the form of prepaid cards. Now those cards are apparently not working.

One WWE Network subscriber who uses prepaid cards was pretty livid to discover that they just paid $30 for a piece of plastic and cardboard that doesn’t work anymore, because they received the following notice from WWE Network.

“Attention all WWE Network subscribers: Due to the new layout, anyone with existing accounts are no longer eligible to use the Prepaid Card taht you get from stores (CVS, Walmart, Dollar General, etc.) Until it’s fixed, you are required to do the $9.95/ month plan with Credit/Debit Card.”

We have to imagine that there are going to be a few people who are not going to be happy about this change. Some might not be able to continue with their subscription if they don’t have an ATM or credit card to use.

When they built the new WWE Network they had to start from the ground up and apparently, there was an issue with the prepaid cards too.

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