AEW All Out Results – August 31st, 2019

Riho vs. Hikaru Shida

These women fought to get a spot in the AEW TNT debut to become the first-ever AEW Women’s Champion.

These two traded moved and holds until Shida slapped on a Boston Crab to really slow things down. She transitioned it into a one-legged crab, but Riho got to the bottom rope.

Shida applied a standing backbreaker and then hung Riho up before landing double knees to the corner. She tried to hit a suplex to the outside, but Riho reversed and hit a double stomp instead.

Riho hit a crossbody, but Shida kicked out. Shida tried to get a stretch muffler off of a 6-1-9 reversal, but Riho got out of it.

Riho blocked a brainbuster, but Shida muscled out of it and hit it anway. Riho took a couple of kicks for a two count. Shida used her power advantage again for a superplex and another two count.

They continued and battled to the top rope where Riho hit a double stomp on Shida before hitting a double knees for a two count.

Shida reversed a clothesline from Riho with a fireman’s carry into a backbreaker. Then Riho and Shida traded roll up pins and Riho snagged the pinfall with a roll up pin on Shida.

Winner: Riho

Now it will be Riho vs Nyla Rose on October 2nd.

Cody Rhodes vs Shawn Spears

Brandi, DDP, MJF, and Pharaoh all walked Cody to the ring. Earl Hebner was the referee and Cody picked MJF as the man in his corner.

Cody hit Spears with a suicide dive before the bell could sound. Then Cody punched Tully and Spears dragged Cody out of the ringside area and into the crowd. The continued brawling in the fans and his match didn’t even start yet.

The match officially started, but they soon went outside where Cody hit a snap suplex. Blanchard held Cody’s arm and then Spears nailed a low blow. They returned to the ring where Spears continued to work on Cody.

Cody went for another dive and Spears landed an elbow to the face. Then Spears crotched Cody with the ring post. Spears continued to abuse Cody as he chopped him around the ring. Then they went outside and Spears spit water in Cody’s face.

Then Shawn Spears hit a DDT on the apron before returning to the ring where Spears took off Cody’s weight belt. Earl Hebner took the weight belt from Spears so Tully gave him his belt. Spears hit Cody twice and then he got fired up and came back with some stomps and a springboard cutter.

Cody hit an Alabama Slam and got on a figure 4 leglock, but then Spears reversed it. Spears got some help from Tully Blanchard as Jim Ross complained about the “goddamn interference” on commentary.

They went outside and Spears nailed a running AA on the entrance ramp. Cody made it back while MJF yelled motivation at him. When Cody made it back to the ring, he hit a Crossroads, but Tully distracted the referee so there was no pinfall.

MJF wanted to fight Tully so they traded words and then Tully took off his jacket and MJF took off his shirt. They were going to fight, but it just resulted in them choking each other. Spears hit a bicycle kick to MJF and sent him out of the ring.

While Tully put the boots to MJF outside, Arn Anderson came down to the ring and landed a spinebuster on Spears before leaving with a huge pop. Tully couldn’t believe what happened and it appeared like he left.

Cody and Spears continued and Shawn brought a chair in the ring. Cody grabbed the chair and Shawn pleaded with him before Cody threw the chair down and he hit a Bionic Elbow before a Disaster Kick and a Crossroads for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Cody turned around and MJF had the chair. Friedman threw it down to hug Cody and celebrate. They were certainly teasing the eventual day when MJF turns on his best friend.

Pentagon Jr. and Fenix (c) vs. The Young Bucks

They spent a good amount of time trading taunts before they got started.The Lucha Bros hit a powerbomb followed by a dropkick from the top rope to the groin area.

The Lucha Bros went for a dive, but The Bucks got a ladder in their faces. Penta hit a dive to the outside followed by Fenix nailing a dive over the tallest ladder to the Young Bucks on the outside.

The Lucha Bros took a ladder off a table and put it in the ring. Then Penta told Fenix to set up a ladder in the ring under the titles. Nick and Fenix were on the top of the ladder and then Penta and Matt jumped up to try their hands at it, but they couldn’t get to the titles.

Then Penta speared Nick Jackson as Matt hit a spear on Fenix through a table on the other side. They continued with Nick Jackson and Penta taking a bump out of the ring and then Matt Jackson hit five Northern Lights suplexes before sending Fenix into a ladder.

They put Penta on a ladder, but he fought out of the move and Fenix sent Nick Jackson into a ladder with a rana from the top rope.

The Lucha Bros brought an even bigger ladder into the ring and then the Young Bucks stopped them. Nick nailed a kick on Penta to the outside followed by a face crusher to Fenix. Nick started climbing the ladder and then Fenix pushed him off and onto the top rope where he hit a splash on Penta on the outside. Then Fenix nailed a moonsault to the outside. Matt Jackson started climbing the ladder, but Pentagon stopped him and called his mother a puta.

Penta landed a chop and a kick to Nick Jackson before Jackson hit a dive to the outside on him. Then Fenix and Matt started fighting over a ladder and Fenix nailed a Canadian Destroyer through the ladder.

They continued and Penta hit a Canadian Destroyer off the ladder through a table onto Matt Jackson. The Young Bucks hit dives through the tables on opposite sides of the ring followed by a tornado DDT to the outside from Nick to Fenix.

Fenix later put up a ladder in the ring, but they all fought over who could climb the ladder first. Nick put Penta in a sharpshooter and then Mat put the ladder over Penta to lock on a head submission hold.

Nick Jackson stalled on the ladder and Penta pushed the ladder over sending Nick through a table at ringside. That was not good at all. He did not land the way he wanted to with getting his foot caught on the top rope.

Then Penta and Matt fought on the top of the ladder. Matt pulled off Penta’s mask and then he kicked Fenix out of the air. Fenix pushed the ladder over and sent Matt Jackson crashing to the canvas. Penta put his mask back on and set Matt up on a ladder at ringside where he hit a double stomp piledrover through the ladder between the apron and the guardrail.

Then the Lucha Bros climbed up and took the AAA Tag Team Titles down.

Winners: The Lucha Bros

Two masked figures got in the ring and pushed the ladder over then they got stomped down then Matt Jackson tool a bump. The masked men took off their masks and revealed it was LAX.

Chris Jericho vs “Hangman” Adam Page

They spent some time feeling each other out and then Y2J went for a crossbody, but Page caught him for a fallaway slam. Then Page clotheslined Jericho to the floor.

They returned to the ring where Page booted Jericho in the face. Y2J tried to get a Lion Tamer, but Page knocked him out of the ring and hit a suicide dive.

Jericho returned to the outside and Hangman went for a shooting star press off the apron right into a Codebreaker.

Then Page took a trip off the apron and into the barricade thanks to Jericho.

Chris Jericho then went outside and beat Page around the ringside area for a bit. He brutalized Page in front of his own family at ringside because that’s just what Chris Jericho does.

They continued and Y2J hit a top rope cross body block, but Hangman caught him and muscled him into a fallaway slam. Then Page hit a rolling Samoan drop and a standing shooting star press for a two count.

Page reversed a Lionsault with a side Russian legsweep off the middle rope. Then Hangman went for a piledriver, but Y2J countered into a Walls Of Jericho.

Hangman fought back with some right hands and an elbow strike. Jericho got nailed with this shot and the referee had to push Page off of him. Jericho rolled out of he ring. Jericho was bleeding badly above the eyebrow. It was all over his face and in his eye.

Jericho started walking around the ring, and he was shaken up. Hangman started smiling and stalked Y2K around the ring. Then Hangman’s assault continued.

Jericho continued as the blood continued to flow. They battled at the top rope and then Hangman hit a swinging neck breaker off the top rope for a two count. Jericho was bleeding even more after this bump.

Page hit another discus elbow and then Jericho got up and lifted Page to the apron. Y2J went for a springboard move, but Page nailed a kick followed by a Buckshot Lariat. Jericho reversed a Deadeye and locked on the Walls Of Jericho.

Y2J got mouthy with referee Aubrey Edwards. She didn’t like that at all and told him to get back to action. They continued on and Y2J countered another Buckshot Lariat with a Codebreaker and a two count.

Page nailed another elbow strike and then he went for a running shooting star press, but Jericho to his knees up. Finally, Page hit a Deadeye and got a two count.

Page nailed another Buckshot Lariat, but Jericho nailed the Judas Effect. 1-2-3 and Chris Jericho won.

Winner: Chris Jericho