Chris Jericho is set to battle Adam “Hangman” Page at AEW All Out. The winner of that match will become the first-ever AEW World Champion, but once they land on Wednesday nights on TNT there will be more competition on another channel.

Hollywood Life recently spoke to Chris Jericho and he really spoke his mind about NXT as AEW’s competition. While calling them the “minor leagues” he stated that there is no war for AEW and NXT.

AEW is selling out 10,000 seat shows and AEW will be in Full Sail Arena. If anything, NXT being on the USA Network at the same time as AEW’s TNT show will only put more eyes on All Elite Wrestling’s product.

“I am not at war with anyone at NXT. Why would you start a war with some minor leagues? I think we [AEW] are doing what we are doing on Wednesday night and WWE decided to counter-program with NXT.”


“There is no war for me at all because there is not one guy on that show that I have ever heard of before and that is not being snobby– it’s just that I don’t watch NXT. So, if you want to watch NXT, that is fine. If you want to watch AEW, that is fine as well. But, it is certainly not a war on our part, because we have been doing great on our own — selling out shows and selling 10,000 tickets in five minutes without any type of war or competition.”

“I think this just adds more eyeballs onto us. The one thing I learned when I was in WCW is the worst thing you can do is worry about your competition. Worry about what you are doing and clean your [own] house and make sure your own shit is going good. That is what we are doing, and we are not worrying about whatever anyone else is doing.”

“I mean you can put on a Happy Days reunion show on a Wednesday night — you could put on anything, and to me, we are going to continue doing what we do and that is put on a great product and give an alternative to what people have expected what the norm of what pro wrestling is. We are going to change that, and we are going to have to try to do something different. If we didn’t, there is no reason to get into it. You don’t want to be a copy of anything. You want to be your own entity and live in your own universe, and that is what we plan on doing!”

Chris Jericho is not worrying about the competition for AEW. They will continue doing what they intend to do. Matt Jackson spoke very clearly about this during the first night of Starrcast III as he said that AEW will deliver and action-packed badass pro wrestling product.

WWE might try to counter program AEW with NXT, but it might not do much to stop a revolution that is destined to be televised.

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