WWE Considering Bringing NXT Superstars To RAW

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NXT will be debuting on the USA Network starting on September 18th. This was a big move and shot fired in the Wednesday Night Wars.

WWE has been considering bringing NXT Superstars to WWE’s Raw program in order to draw attention to the brand. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there are a couple of reasons WWE is considering this move.

It would lead to more interference from the NXT people’s own vision. It was described that Paul Levesque’s dream of creating a legitimate third brand of his own just came true, but now he has to play defense to keep Vince and Kevin Dunn’s influence away.

The school of thought is also out there that NXT shouldn’t want to “cross-pollinate” with Raw Superstars because it would establish them as a secondary brand.

This is all WWE’s decision at this point, but they will definitely be plugging NXT a lot in the upcoming months as the Wednesday Night Wars continue.

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