Triple H Trying Hard Not To Let WWE Change NXT After USA Network Move

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NXT is moving to the USA Network and they will start on September 18th, two weeks before AEW lands on TNT. This is a big step for NXT, but how much will change?

We previously reported that WWE is talking to Enzo Amore and Big Cass about coming back to the company to provide NXT with more star power. This could add a brand new dynamic to NXT that they didn’t see coming.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Triple H is currently in a situation where he must “play defense” to Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunne coming in and changing around the third brand he created.

It was described that Paul Levesque’s dream of creating a legitimate third brand of his own just came true, but now he has to play defense to keep Vince and Kevin Dunn’s influence away

NXT is Triple H’s vision and he doesn’t want that changed. He did create something out of nothing and is very proud of that fact.

The USA Network could change a lot for NXT and the same can be said about the Wednesday Night Wars. Let’s just see how successful Triple H will be about keeping the bad ideas away from NXT.

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