The Rock Calls Former WWE Superstar ‘A F*cking Machine’

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The Rock is a pretty important person, therefore, to get high praise from The Great One is a pretty big deal.

Ken Shamrock is making his return to pro wrestling. He will be re-joining Impact Wrestling and a lot of people are very interested to see what he will do next.

Brian Cage certainly seems excited to see Ken Shamrock in Impact Wrestling. He tweeted out saying: “Shamrock all around was great. And jacked!”

The Rock read Brian Cage’s tweet and he had to agree. He said that Shamrock helped build The Rock’s character and he is a “f*cking machine” as well.

I’ll co-sign that. @ShamrockKen helped build “The Rock” character. Huge #AttitudeEra influence. We tore the houses down together. I’ll always be grateful and respectful. He’s a fucking machine. They don’t make em like that anymore. Thanks for the house brother Ken

Shamrock gave The Rock someone great to bounce off of and their chemistry was undeniable. The Rock is certainly correct to say that they don’t make them like Ken Shamrock anymore.

Now we will just have to see what Ken Shamrock will do with his upcoming run in Impact Wrestling, because the last time we saw him, Shamrock still looked like The World’s Most Dangerous Man.

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