Lilian Garcia On Whether WWE Has Asked Her To Censor Superstar Interviews

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WWE is very protective of their Superstars as they should be. Lilian Garcia has welcomed a lot of Superstars onto her podcast Chasing Glory where they gave very candid interviews, but was there someone there making sure that certain subjects weren’t discussed?

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, the former WWE announcer revealed that WWE has never sent someone to watch over her shoulder while conducting an interview. Instead, she has been given free reign to ask the hard-hitting questions.

“No. I’ve been lucky enough where [WWE] has trusted me with the talent to be able to run these interviews. I don’t have anybody there from the staff overseeing and nothing is edited, so it’s been great. I’m very respectful and I’m not into bashing anyone.”

WWE must really trust Lilian Garcia and they have every reason in the world to. She was a very important part of the company for years so she obviously knows what is out of bounds.

Garcia gets Superstars to open up in big ways on her show which is a feat, but it really helps knowing that WWE gave her the ability to conduct her podcast as she sees fit.

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