Cesaro Finally Gets His Braces Removed

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Cesaro had a very scary injury at No Mercy in 2017 where his teeth were shoved up into his head thanks to taking a post to the face. He had to get emergency oral surgery, but now he’s totally fine.

Cesaro sported braces for a very long time to make sure that his teeth stayed straight. This is a huge reason why he wrestles with a mouth guard now.

We’re not sure if the mouth guard will stay, but Cesaro is now braces free. He was very happy to reveal that he can now eat “the best” fruit again. After all, there are a lot of foods that are prohibited for people with braces.

This is a pretty big deal for the Swiss Superman because braces are a pain that you just have to learn to deal with. Then once they’re gone it can be quite liberating.

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