Bray Wyatt Owns Fan Accusing Him Of Tweeting Out Of Character

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Bray Wyatt recently had a little back and forth with Braun Strowman, but one fan apparently had a problem with it. Perhaps this fan should have kept it to himself.

Wyatt didn’t seem to appreciate when one fan critiqued the way he spoke to Braun Strowman. This fan accused Wyatt of taking The Fiend out of character.

Needless to say, Bray Wyatt had something to say about that.

If you knew me (you don’t), you would understand there is no no character, and I call everyone “baby boy “. Including millennial critics with no credibility such as yourself. So go worship Becky and I’ll go on changing the business that belongs to me.

We’ve heard a lot of strong replies, but this is a pretty straight forward way to go about things. Wyatt is right though, because he is owning the business right now and changing everything he touches for the better at this point.

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