AEW Star Says Company Approached Him Through His DMs

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AEW is a pro wrestling company from the modern era. That is why they seem to be doing things a little differently.

Sammy Guevara spoke to Chris Van Vliet about signing with AEW. Guevara was in Japan when they made the big AEW announcement, but he wasn’t called.

Guevara had an opportunity to breach this subject with “one of the members of the upper tier guys,” but it didn’t happen at the time. Then when he least expected it, AEW asked him what his contract status was as they slid into his DMs.

“So, the press conference happened, right? And I saw all the people that were there and I was like ‘damn, I feel like they are going to reach out to me.’ They hadn’t yet, I had one conversation with one of the members of the upper tier guys at a show and he asked me what I was doing mid-January and I was like ‘oh, I’m going to be in Japan.’ Mid-January was the first press conference, this is back in October before that. And so, I think he was going to ask me to be there but I was in Japan so we just dropped it and started talking about something else. I didn’t think about it until later. So I’m in Japan, that happens and I go to sleep. I wake up in the morning and I get a DM on Twitter and it’s like ‘what’s your contract status?”

Now Sammy Guevara is set to face Cody Rhodes in what is likely to be the first match on AEW’s upcoming TNT television show.

He seems to be very happy with this decision as well. Guevara traveled all over the world before finally signing with AEW, but now the best could be to come for the 26 year old Texan.

Thanks to SEScoops for the quote

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