Nikki Cross has a very unique brand of charisma, but how would that translate in an MMA environment?

While speaking to Ronda Rousey’s website, Nikki Cross was asked whether she would be interested in an MMA career. She has a huge amount of respect for MMA, but her passion is in pro wrestling. It doesn’t seem like she’ll be trying out MMA in the near future as she remains 1/2 of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

I really respect what that world does. I respect that world and I appreciate what they do and it’s amazing. For me, my heart and my soul was always inside professional wrestling ever since I was 10 years old. … [But] it’s so amazing. Obviously, Shayna [Baszler] came from that world and entered professional wrestling, like Ronda [Rousey]. It’s so exciting to see and I think … both industries are so badass. I think it’s an amazing time. For women, it’s exciting and it’s amazing.

I respect any athlete, no matter what sport. I respect them, because at the end of the day, no matter what sport you’re doing, you get up in the morning and your life is that sport. And whether it be professional wrestling, whether it be MMA, amateur wrestling, boxing, dancing, cheerleading, football, soccer, baseball, basketball… Anyone that gets up in the morning and dedicates themselves to sport, you have to respect that because that’s what they do. They work. Their life is that. Their heart is that and their soul is that. So for me, you get up in the morning and no matter what the sport is, I think you deserve credit for that and you deserve equal respect.


Nikki Cross might be able to use a lot of that intensity in the cage, but it looks like the only way we’ll be seeing her in a cage is if WWE books it for her. She has respect for athletes from all over, but it doesn’t seem like Nikki Cross has any interest in leaving her pro wrestling roots.

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